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Natural enterosorbent consisting of the product of hydrolysis of wood polymer lignin components, structural elements which are derivatives of phenylpropane and fluoxymesterone hydrocellulose.

In the lumen of the gastrointestinal tract Polifan binds and removes from the body pathogenic bacteria and bacterial toxins, drugs, poisons. salts of heavy metals, alcohol, food allergens. The drug also absorbs excess of certain metabolic products, including bilirubin, cholesterol, urea, metabolites responsible for the development of endogenous toxicosis.

Polifan not toxic, not absorbed from the intestines completely eliminated within 24 hours.


Indications for use:

Polifan used as a fluoxymesterone detoxifying agent for endogenous and exogenous toxicosis of various origins.

For first aid in acute poisoning drugs, alkaloids, salts of heavy metals, alcohol and other poisons.

In the complex treatment of food poisoning. salmonellosis, dysentery dysbiosis, dyspepsia, and chronic inflammatory diseases accompanied by intoxication.

In hepatic and renal insufficiency (hyperbilirubinemia and hyperasotemia). The preparation may be used for treatment of food and drug allergies. It is used for excretion of xenobiotics.



Individual intolerance to the drug. It is undesirable to use the drug in acute gastric ulcer and 12 – duodenum, intestinal atony, anatsidnyh gastritis.


Dosage and administration:

The drug is administered orally one hour before meals and other drug therapy, stir the powder into water or 50-100 mg with water.
The daily dose depends on the severity of the disease, age and weight and is 0.5-1.0 g / kg body weight a day in 3 divided doses. The average single dose: For infants 0.5-1 teaspoon to the reception; from 1 to 7 years – 1 teaspoon; from 7 years and older and adults -. 1 tablespoon to receive 3-4 times a day
Duration of treatment for acute conditions 3-5 days, in allergic diseases and chronic intoxications fluoxymesterone to 14 days. If necessary, repeat courses of treatment may be two weeks later, on doctor’s advice.


Interaction with other drugs:

Perhaps the reduction in absorption of some concomitantly used drugs inside, and therefore it is recommended to comply with the interval 1 – 1.5 hours between taking Polifan and other drugs..


Side effect:

8 marked constipation rare cases, the allergic reaction. Prolonged use enterosorbent (more than 20 days) can lead to malabsorption of vitamins, calcium, and therefore the recommended prophylactic administration of multivitamins and calcium supplements. steroiden kaufen

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