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halotestin cycle

For patients receiving halotestin cycle long-term immunosuppressive therapy, oncology, having acquired defect of the immune system – HIV-exposed, shows prolonged from 2-3 months to 1 year polyoxidonium maintenance therapy (12 mg for adults and children older than 6 years – 6 mg of 1- 2 times per week).

In chronic infectious-inflammatory diseases in the acute stage – the standard scheme, in remission – 1 suppository 1-2 days, the general course of 10-15 suppositories.

In acute infectious processes and to activate regenerative processes (fractures, burns, trophic ulcers) – daily 1 suppository. The course of treatment – 10-15 suppositories;

In tuberculosis – the standard scheme. The course of treatment – at least 15 suppositories fluoxymesterone, then you can use maintenance therapy for 2 suppositories per week course of 2-3 months;

Against the background of chemotherapy and radiation therapy of tumors – 1 suppository daily for 2-3 days prior to the start of therapy. Further, the frequency of administration halotestin cycle of the suppository is determined by the doctor depending on the tolerability and duration of chemotherapy and radiation therapy;

For the rehabilitation often (more than 4-5 times per year) and long-term ill persons and rheumatoid arthritis

1 suppository every other halotestin cycleday. The course of treatment – 10-15 suppositories;

For correction of secondary immunodeficiency, including those resulting from aging – 1 suppository 12 mg 2 times a week. The course – not less than 10 suppositories 2-3 times per year;

In monotherapy:

For the prevention of seasonal exacerbation of chronic foci of infection for the prevention of recurrent herpes infection – a day for adults 6-12 mg, in children – 6 mg. Course – 10 suppositories;

For the correction of secondary immunodeficiency, prevention of influenza and acute respiratory disease – the standard procedure;

Gynecological diseases rectally halotestin cycle and vaginally – the standard scheme. trenacetatclenbuterol for sale