Can be combined with the administration of other colloidal, aqueous salt and buffer solutions, as well as drugs used in the complex shock therapy, aminocaproic acid, hydralazine, warfarin, 95% ethanol, dexamethasone and some other medicaments are halotestin incompatible with dextran .

Special instructions: The drug can withstand freezing and can be transported at a temperature of -10 ° C. The freezing of the drug is not a contraindication to its use while maintaining the integrity of the package.

Patients with severe dehydration require pre fluid deficit reduction to dextran injection, the rate of administration should not exceed 500 mL / h. The introduction of the recommended dose has virtually no effect on the hemostatic system. Exceeding the recommended dose may prolong bleeding time. Amid dextrans hemodilution caused may decrease the concentration of protein in blood plasma and hemoglobin. Dextrans amount administered should be calculated so as to reduce the hemoglobin is not lower than 90 g / dl (hematocrit 27%) of a more or less long time. Introduction dextran does not prevent the determination of blood groups and conduct cross-sample standard methods (it is recommended to wash the red blood cells of 0.9% sodium chloride solution prior to halotestin the study).

The presence in the blood of dextran can affect the results of the enzymatic methods based on papain.

In the study of blood glucose using halotestin solutions of sulfuric acid and acetic acid can be obtained glucose concentration greater than it actually is (the latter can hydrolyze dextran).

Dextran transparency lowers blood, and its presence in the blood can change the results of measuring bilirubin concentrations and protein. It is recommended to take a blood sample to determine the concentration of bilirubin and protein prior to administration of dextran.

Product form Solution for infusion 6%. 200.400 ml in glass bottles for blood, infusion and transfusion products with halotestin a capacity of 250 and 450 ml, respectively, sealed with corks of rubber compound and crimped aluminum caps. Each bottle with instruction on use are placed in a stack of cardboard. 24, 28 bottles of 250 ml, and 12, 15 bottles of a capacity of 450 ml, respectively, are placed in boxes made of corrugated cardboard with the enclosed instructions for the application corresponding to the number of bottles. ambroxol clenbuterol

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